Ietf-yang-library.fxs is not visible in CLI


I know there are other yang modules that can be usedto show loaded yang modes, for instance netconf-monitoring and confd-monitoring. however, the ietf-yang-library.fxs shipped together with confd doesn’t end up with any CLI command.
I am wondering why it is like that, any special considering on it? to me it is strange that this model can only be access via netconf interface but not CLI.

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As you noticed, the ietf-yang-library.yang model is only exported to the NETCONF and RESTCONF interfaces to support rfc8525.

If you must expose the yang-library over the CLI you can for example to add your own proprietary CLI-only yang-library YANG model and use a callpoint to read the data from the existing yang-library using a data provider application similar to the dp-performance demo data provider application.

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