Implementing ConfD with NETCONF Steps for Device Management and JNC Integration

I’m trying to implement ConfD using NETCONF, and I also have the Tail-f Systems’ JNC code. However, I’m not able to get the code up and running. Before running the JNC code, do I need to install ConfD on my system? Could you please provide the steps to implement ConfD to manage the devices?

Thank you

You do need to have ConfD installed, running, and listening for inbound netconf sessions before any client will be able to work. There are a number of resources in the ConfD distribution and within this community concerning installation. Are you having a specific issue with the installation?

I’m trying to implement ConfD in Java, but I can’t find a ConfD library for Java, and there doesn’t seem to be a free version of ConfD available for download. Could you please help me with how to download ConfD and implement it in Java?

If I click on "Download Here, it redirects me to Cisco’s website where I am unable to download it without a company email ID. I am looking for the free version, so how can I download it for free?

You should be able to create an account with your email. It is free. This account is how you can access other Cisco resources as well like DevNet Sandbox and the Developer Hub.

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but, please note as the links that cohult has referred to state - ConfD-library in Java is NOT part of free ConfD Basic…

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I have created an account and am trying to download, but I am encountering the following message: “Thank you for registering with To access software or services, we require your full address. Please follow this link to return to the profile manager and complete your profile.” Even after following the steps to complete the profile, I am still facing the same popup message mentioned above

We had a few new users create accounts and successfully download ConfD Basic. One had to refresh the profile page to move forward but was otherwise successful. Perhaps you might need to reach out to general Cisco support if you are not able to access the downloads page with a new account.

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I have downloaded the, and it’s mentioned that this version is for C language. How do I find the Java version, or is there an alternative solution to implement a ConfD client and server?

I am trying to implement ConfD to manage devices in Java. I have downloaded the from Cisco, and I also have the tail-f-systems/JNC code. My question is: is it possible to implement it in Java, or is there an alternative solution to implement a ConfD client and server in java ?

Can anyone please answer

It sounds like you have what you need to implement a NETCONF client in Java. JNC is a Java client for NETCONF. ConfD is the NETCONF server, configuration database, device interface, and many other things. ConfD is not a Java server, it is a NETCONF server. So now it seems that you just need to start ConfD according to the instructions and then implemented the necessary Java application code to utilize JNC’s NETCONF capabilities to access the ConfD over NETCONF.