In confd.conf, is there a way to make directory configured in loadPath recursively?

In confd.conf, we use tag “loadPath” to configure the directory where confd can load fxs files.
I wonder whether the path under loadPath can be recursively?


Is there a way, in confd.conf, I configured as below


but fxs files inside /opt/confd/fxs/a and /opt/confd/fxs/b can be loaded?

No - loadPath (and initPath) have the same semantics as the “traditional” $PATH and others in Unix/Linux, i.e. only files that are “immediately” in one of the specified directories are considered. While I am aware that some tools have the concept of a “path” that includes files in arbitrarily deeply nested subdirectories, I personally think the “traditional” semantics are superior, and might even go so far as to consider the “include subdirectories” semantics as broken for something that is called a “path”.

Make sense. Thanks very much for explanation!