Integrating netopeer2-cli with confD Netconf Server

I am trying to integrate netopeer2-cli with confD NETCONF server.
I am facing some issues here. Regarding this i have some query.

1)Once netopeer2-cli connected with NETCONF server, it will load all modules in server automatically?? if yes which path it will load.
2)whatever modules present in server side needs to present on client side too?? if yes which path?? or how to set path??
3) edit-config and get commands are throwing some libyang errors.
get --filter-xpath
ly ERROR: Invalid “:type” metadata with value “xpath”. (/ietf-netconf:get/filter)
ly ERROR: Enum “xpath” is disabled by its 1. if-feature condition. (/ietf-netconf:get/filter)

edit-config is also not supporting for running/candidate.
ly ERROR: Failed to find “running” as a sibling to “ietf-netconf:config-target”.

Please let me know do i need to take care of any configurations here?
I have confirmed that server capability support for xpath.
Any help is appreciated.

I have found the issue, confD ietf-netconf.yang module doesn;t have any features enabled.
found this from capabilities .

So only not able to do operations like get, get-config and edit-config.
It requires all features enabled in module ietf-netconf.yang like below,

But how to enable this features in ietf-netconf module?
Tried to compile with features enabled but with ietf-netconf.fxs confd is crashing, found from confd user guide, no need to put ietf-netconf.fxs in load path.

Then how to get ietf-netconf module with features enabled?
Please let me know how i can do this .

I believe you should instead ask the netopeer2 community why netopeer2 have the


…announced with features statements:


…and more importantly for you, why the netopeer2-cli NETCONF client, if as you describe, require that the feature statements are announced.



etc. statements are enough for announcing capabilities to the NETCONF client according to the NETCONF RFCs.

On a similar note - is it possible to use libnetconf2 client side from sysrepo project with ConfD server?
Did anyone try this? especially with using libyang-cpp as the Yang parser and c++ frontend.