Is it possible to print on cli via tailf:exec in tailf:action?

I want to gather cli multi line input where user can specify customized eof string instead of ctrl+D. To achieve this, i wrote one python script which is called in tailf:action via tailf:exec. In this python script, i am trying to print “Enter eof string”. I can’t get it in cli.
I tried using clispec approach. It works well. I can see it on the cli side. But, in that case command can’t be accessed via REST. Please suggest.

not sure if it fits your scenario / use-case, but as you mention context of action - how about adding the EOF as input parameter of the action in question?
(wouldn’t need to print query/text to CLI then, if i understood correctly what you try to perform…)

EOF can be sent as input param. But, how to read multiline data input and terminate at EOF entered by user? Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to set leaf value from script called via clispec? This leaf is hidden leaf in YANG.