Is it required to restart confd after changing ssh server config?

After making changes to the ssh server configuration (e.g. key exchange algorithms, ciphers), does the entire ConfD daemon need to be restarted in order for the changes to take effect? Or is it possible to just restart/reload the ssh server within ConfD?

You can’t restart just the ssh server itself but you can run the command ```confd --reload`` which causes confd to reload the configuration.

For more information see section 29.4 Configuring ConfD in the User Guide (29.4 is for ConfD 6.7, in previous versions it might be 28.4).

In that section you can also read about how you can also store configuration you’d like to change dynamically in CDB.

Note that there a MAAPi call, maapi_reload_config(), that you can use as well besides the command confd --reload.