Is it valid to send confd notification using an rpc

hello, new to working with confd, i would like to create an rpc and create the corresponding executable/reigister actionpoint which will be sending confd notification, and a process will listen to them and process them.
so basically send a notification on demand, whenever the rpc is invoked
is notification sending typically done in rpc/actions?


Is the process that will consume the ConfD notification doing something with the ConfD DB (cdb)?
If not, you can send any type of event notification to the process. No need to send the notification through ConfD.
You can do whatever in an rpc/action, although setting CDB configuration data (CDB operational data is ok) should not be done through an action/rpc.You should use, for example, the NETCONF edit-config RPC for that.

hello and thanks for the reply
i see, no the notification does not impact configuration data.
the process that i want to notify via rpc listens both to confd notification and to incoming data in a uds.
I can just send data to that socket in the rpc i suppose.
now for several reasons i will be implementing this as a shell script executable (not by registering actionpoint, or c executable that connects with confd for example).
Is there any way to send a confd notification via shell script? (i want to know if i have this alternative, the reason being that it is more convenient to adjust the processing of confd notifications in the notified process in my case)
i’ve been looking into confd_cmd commands helptext, and there does not seem to be a way to send a confd notification there (have not looked at the confd_cmd.c /source code yet though)

EDIT: looked at confd_cmd.c as well there does not seem to be such mechanism, could you please confirm that?

can i just find the confd notification socket used by the process and just write data there from the shell script?