Is there a way to display a note to a user after he executes a command?

I understand that this question looks like a copy of

However, I do not intend to pose a yes or no question to the user but just display a note that tells the user some common warnings about the feature he’s planning to use

What may work for you is to return your warning message from a validation callback. There are other options too, but this one should work across all northbound interfaces.

Are there any other options? I do not care if this works across NETCONF. I need an option that works on CLI, does not use the validation callback (I want to be able to make it simple for various products using the yang and want them to be able to add their own annotations to the main yang where they add their custom notes)

For actions / rpcs:

rpc/action some-command {
    tailf:confirm-text 'Really want to do this?' {
          tailf:confirm-default true;
          tailf:cli-batch-confirm-default true;

For config you need a validation callback. To get rid of the prompt you can use tailf:cli-suppress-validation-warning-prompt