Is there a way to generate a new CLI from separate containers and leaves using tail-f annotation?

For interface configurations of speed, duplex, and auto negotiation, we currently have separate CLIs and separate containers/leaves in the model, with ordering by tail-f.

grouping config-interface-grouping {
  container speed {
    tailf:cli-diff-set-after "../negotiation";
    tailf:cli-diff-delete-before "../negotiation"; 

  leaf duplex {
    tailf:cli-diff-set-after "../speed"; 
    tailf:cli-diff-delete-before "../speed"; 

  container negotiation {
    leaf auto {

So the CLIs currently are "speed <option>", "duplex <option>", and "negotiation auto".

If we want to use the existing model elements to form a new CLI (which combines all 3 parameters and dynamically handles ordering without needing tail-f to specify order), is that possible to do with tail-f annotations? For example, are there tail-f annotations we can use in the existing model elements to generate a new CLI like "newspeed <option> newduplex <option> autoneg <on/off>"?

Thank you!

Just to add more clarity, in case this changes the applicability of any tail-f annotations, there are other nodes in the grouping.