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Is there any config available for timeout for lock RPC request

We are issuing following RPC request to confd DB for lock operations


Is there any configuration parameter in confd.conf file for this lock operations to release the lock?

Say after 5 minutes, confd should release this lock from the confd DB

Note: Using unlock RPC request we are able to do so. But we are looking for some idle timeout config for lock operation

i believe there is not. RFC does not specify any timeout for operation other than lifetime of session, see RFC 6241 - chapter 7.5:

The duration of the lock is defined as beginning when the lock is
acquired and lasting until either the lock is released or the
NETCONF session closes

So no timeout for operation only, while keeping the session running.

The session closure can be explicitly
performed by the client, or implicitly performed by the server
based on criteria such as failure of the underlying transport,
simple inactivity timeout, or detection of abusive behavior on the
part of the client.

As for the actual timeout of NETCONF session, you can use /confdConfig/netconf/idleTimeout setting.