Is there any mechanism can ensure one application get the config change event from another application?


Here we have a scenario:
There are application foo and bar.
foo will generate an ID from name. bar will rely on that ID. ID is an internal read only data in foo.

We plan to store ID in cdb as an non persistent read only data. So that when ID is generated, ConfD can inform bar, if bar subscribe ID.

We can not ensure when foo initiate ID, bar has been able to perform function.
Does ConfD has the mechanism to ensure bar can get the subscribed changes?

The question is not very clear. Please try reformulating your problem.

What I understood is if bar can subscribe to changes made for ID and the answer is Yes.
And bad will be notified whenever foo writes and commits changes related to ID.

If you don’t want to persist ID, you can model it as operational data that is stored in CDB in a non persistent way (This is the default). You can have applications register to the operational data changes using cdb_oper_subscribe().