Is there any way to return operational table data based on arguments through callpoint?

I need to display output of table based on argument,

show country information <country name>

But I don’t want to display anything if argument is not passed. i.e., if user executes
“show country information”, it should not display anything.

There is no need to auto suggest <country name>.

Is this possible it to achieve through tailf:callpoint?

It is useful, if table has million rows. By default, I don’t want to print million rows when
“show country information” is executed.

But if argument is passed as in,
“show country information Sweden” then CLI should display Sweden related information in a table.

Is this something that is achievable through confd tailf:callpoint?

No, I don’t think you can do exactly this (without, say, reimplementing the show command to do exactly what you want it to do - that’s possible, but unnecessarily complex). But you can prohibit the user to run show country information altogether and force them to supply more arguments - see tailf:cli-incomplete-show-path CLI extension; does that help you?

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