Issue using maapi diff iterate in tailf:validate

Hi All!

I have a model as below…

list node {
key name;
leafref name {
path “/profile/access/name”

container profile {
list access {
tailf:validate vpoint {
tailf:dependency ".’;
key name;
leaf name {
type string;

With above code my expectation is validation vpoint when I call and do diff iterate I will get only those entries of this list. But I was surprised on doing load merge of the saved config it iterates through full config including the aaa authentication…

/aaa/authentication/users/user{admin} was one of the iteration element for this diff iterate. So the issue here is because its iterating the complete config we are blocked for 5 secs… Any pointers on the same would be helpful…

Balaji Kamal Kannadassan

@bkannadassan, Do you find a solution? I have also this issue using when statement.

nope note yet jhu, as of now I am trying to tweak my application code. But It would be good if their is someway to do the same. Lets wait for some response on the same…

From the confd_lib_maapi(3) man page on maapi_diff_iterate():

“The purpose of the function is to iterate through the transaction diff”

So the diff in the transaction is iterated.
If you want to iterate through the changes below a specific path, see maapi_keypath_diff_iterate()

Thanks this should help, will test the same and update you…