when call “start_query” method
I am getting below is error in response

code: -32000
internal: "webui_appmod_jsonrpc343
"message: “Method failed”
type: “rpc.method.failed”

My YANG model as below

container systemHealthStats{
tailf:snmp-name necHeNBGWSystemHealth;
tailf:snmp-oid .4;
tailf:callpoint postgresqlOPDataCallPoint;
list systemStats {
tailf:snmp-name necHeNBGWSystemHealthStats;
tailf:snmp-oid .1;
config false;
key “bladeId”;
leaf “bladeId”{
tailf:snmp-name necHeNBGWSystemHealthStatsBladeId;
tailf:snmp-oid .1;
type uint32 ;
leaf “cpuUsage”{
tailf:snmp-name necHeNBGWSystemHealthStatsCPUUsage;
tailf:snmp-oid .2;
type int32 ;
leaf “memUsage”{
tailf:snmp-name necHeNBGWSystemHealthStatsMemoryUsage;
tailf:snmp-oid .3;
type int32 ;
leaf “diskUsage”{
tailf:snmp-name necHeNBGWSystemHealthStatsDiskUsage;
tailf:snmp-oid .4;
type int32;

Please help me on understanding error Message and fix


Check your postgresql data provider application and the ConfD developer log. Your data provider application seems to have failed to provide the data requested by the query.

Thanks for reply,

I hope there no issue in postgresql data provider, since other models are fine getting the data.
Ans I had verified ConfD developer log (devel.log and confd.log), not observed any errors.

Guide me where i can debug the error, need to enable any other logs to get more details .

Note : I am using "ConfD 6.5" version.

Thanks in advance.

Then the issue is likely related to that the session in your jsonrpc.cookie is down. Check your audit.log for example.

So, for example, check if your session timed out. From the confd.conf(5) man page

/confdConfig/webui/idleTimeout (xs:duration) [PT30M]
Maximum idle time before terminating a Web UI session. PT0M means no timeout. Default is PT30M, ie 30 minutes.
/confdConfig/webui/absoluteTimeout (xs:duration) [PT60M]
Maximum absolute time before terminating a Web UI session. PT0M means no timeout. Default is PT60M, ie 60 minutes.