Keypath length is too small


When I running the Confd I am getting error that the keypath kength isn’t enough:
DEBUG Library MAXDEPTH/MAXKEYLEN 20/9 for confd_hkeypath_t are too small, ConfD needs 22/4
I know that I can increase it and need to compile again the libconfd but it looks to me unreasonable so I would like to investigate it and understand which module required so big key length and if I can know even what is the specific path that required it.
Do you have any debug commands that can help with that?


I’m not aware of any debug-tools that directly can point to the length of the longest keypath.

I suppose you can use the pyang tool and export your data model to tree format to see where you have excessive indentation:

$ pyang -f tree yang-file

pyang is documented in the UG