Latest OpenSSL version with confD

I’m using confD x86 6-7 basic version and I want to find out the latest and the greatest version of openSSL which can be used with confD.

As ConfD (currently) uses OpenSSL-1.0.0, I think it is latest OpenSSL-1.0.0 based package ( currently 2019-May-28 13:26:28 openssl-1.0.2s.tar.gz)

Right, that’s the latest version that ConfD-6.7 can use - ConfD-7.1 and later can also use OpenSSL-1.1.x, but it is still built for OpenSSL-1.0.0. I.e. you need to apply the instructions in the section “Using a different version of OpenSSL” in the User Guide to have it use OpenSSL-1.1.x.