Leaf description is not seen while giving commands

Hi ,

I am not able to find the description of my leafs/container etc.

leaf adaptorInfoId {
type “eb:EncapTypeValue”;
description “It takes adaptorInfoId as input rts|ports_vlan|rts_vlan.”;
mandatory true;
evr_3d17-evr1(config)# App ServiceChaining Adaptors Adaptor 2 AdaptorInfo ?
Possible completions:

Can you please help … description is not showing for any leaf/list/container.


Normally, ‘description’ statements are ignored by confdc. When the --use-description is specified as an argument, text in ‘description’ statements is used if no ‘tailf:info’ statement is present. If the option always is given, ‘description’ is used even if ‘tailf:info’ is present.

it worked … :slight_smile: