Logs not see when Netconf notification are generated

I have started a Notification notifier and receiver using the following command.
~/confd/examples.confd/netconf_notifications$ make all start-builtin
~/confd/examples.confd/netconf_notifications$ make nc-subscribe

When I create a notification using the notifier process, I see the same reported in the receiver process.

I do not see any logs in ~/confd/var/confd/log/* in response to the notification being generated by the notifier. How to enable the logs?

See the confd.conf(5) man page under logs/netconfLog and the detailed logs/netconfTraceLog. Tthose logs show the subscriber registrering for NETCONF notifications and the notifications being sent to the subscriber

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Thanks @cohult. NetconfTraceLog is enabled in the file ~/confd/etc/confd/confd.conf and the logs are generated when I start the confd using ~/confd/bin/confd.

After debugging further, I see that the notifier process restarts confd and generates logs in a different folder ~/confd/examples.confd/netconf_notifications/logs/. I see the notification related logs.

ConfD examples located inside of .../examples.confd/ typically cause any otherwise running
instance of ConfD to stop/re-start when you invoke specific targets via Makefile dependencies. It uses corresponding example’s config files, and logs into specific example directory as well - you can verify that in Makefile in corresponding example sub-dir.

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