Maapi_session without user


How do I create a non-user maapi session? When I checked in user guide, I could find only maapi_create_user_session api? I don’t want to associate with the change with a user. Is there any was to do that ?

Thanks, Prasanth

You can use the string system.

From the User Guide:

The context parameter can be any string. The string provided here is precisely the context string which will be used to authorize all data access through the AAA system. Each AAA rule has a context string which must match in order for a AAA rule to match. (See the AAA chapter in the User Guide.)

Using the string “system” for context has special significance:

The session is exempt from all maxSessions limits in confd.conf.

There will be no authorization checks done by the AAA system.

The session is not logged in the audit log.

The session is not shown in ‘confd --status’, nor ‘show users’ in CLI etc.

The session may be started already in ConfD start phase 0. (However read-write transactions can not be started until phase 1, i.e. transactions started in phase 0 must use parameter readwrite == CONFD_READ).