Make failed intro/1-2-3-start-query-model

Hi all, I followed the installation instruction to setup the confd. But when I make the fist example, failed.
The trace info as following:

alex@ubuntu:/opt/confd-basic-6.4/examples.confd/intro/1-2-3-start-query-model$ make all
/opt/confd-basic-6.4/bin/confdc --fail-on-warnings  -c -o dhcpd.fxs  dhcpd.yang
/opt/confd-basic-6.4/lib/confd/erts/bin/confdexec: 1: /opt/confd-basic-6.4/lib/confd/erts/bin/confdexec: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
/opt/confd-basic-6.4/src/confd/build/ recipe for target 'dhcpd.fxs' failed
make: *** [dhcpd.fxs] Error 2

any suggestion?

Found the problem, I download the wrong release. It should be x86, but I download the drawin.