MAXDEPTH is not enough

we are using ietf-ospf.yang.
After compiling succeeds, when start up confd_agent(our app), it crashed. And we saw the trace that it complain the MAXDEPTH is not enough to cover the yang’s depth. The yang depth is indeed too large.
We downloaded the basic version from website. But only confdlib is provided with source code.
After assign a big value to MASDEPTH and MAXKEYLEN, we rebuilt the confdlib, but the issue still exsits. So we need to re-compile the confd it self but not lib? But we have no source file for confd.

typedef struct confd_hkeypath {
int len;
confd_value_t v[MAXDEPTH][MAXKEYLEN];
} confd_hkeypath_t;

Did you follow the instructions in section 27.13. Tuning the size of confd_hkeypath_t in the User Guide?
It’s not enough to just rebuild libconfd, you must also recompile all applications with the new values for MAXDEPTH/MAXKEYLEN as in:

$ make EXTRA_CFLAGS="-DMAXDEPTH=10 -DMAXKEYLEN=5" <other args for compiling your app>

or in your code before including confd_lib.h
#define MAXDEPTH 10
#define MAXKEYLEN 5
#include <confd_lib.h>

Make some changes in the backend and if you want any information regarding coding then go to