Moving a ConfD Installation

You can move the directory where you installed ConfD to a new location in your directory tree. Simply move ConfD’s root directory to the new desired location, and update this file:

$CONFD_DIR/confdrc (and confdrc.tcsh if you want)This is a small and handy script that sets up some environment variables for you. Update the paths to the new location.

If you use the ‘smidump’ program, you should also update this file:

This is a configuration file for use with ‘smidump’, and includes a ‘path’ statement that adds the mib directory in the ConfD installation. Update the path to the new location (make sure to preserve the leading colon).

The $CONFD_DIR/bin/confd and $CONFD_DIR/bin/confdc scripts will determine the location of ConfD’s root directory automatically.