Multiple annotate files?

Is there a way to use multiple files with annotate, or do I need to put all the tailf:annotate entries for a module in the same file?

When I used to use “augment” to augment a main module, I could have an ann file for each module that augmented the main module.

Not that the main module uses “uses”, I cannot just modify to compile with “-a *-ann.yang”. It wants one single ann file.

So do I need to move all those annotate entries into one single ann file? Or is there a way to organize them hierarchically similar to how “uses” and “grouping” works?

Nothing stops you from doing -a mod-ann1.yang -a mod-ann2.yang - the convention that the annotation modules are named *-ann.yang is just that, a convention.

Oh, I did not know I could use -a multiple times. That should solve my issue.