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Multiple command possibility


i have a container with 3 leafs, i want to use my command in different order like

config>container leaf1 leaf2 leaf3
config>container leaf3 leaf2 leaf1

leaf2 have to stay in the middle
i want to keep tailf:cli-reset-siblings in my container configuration

Thanks for your help


Just for clarification, do you mean “use it in” CLI?


mnovak thanks you for your anwser, yes in cli, i want to use my command cli in different order.



the order can be solved with display-when statement, e.g.

container main {
        leaf l1 {
            tailf:display-when "(../l2 and ../l3) or not(../l2)";
            type uint32;
        leaf l2 {
            type uint32;
            tailf:display-when "../l1 or ../l3";
        leaf l3 {
            tailf:display-when "(../l2 and ../l1) or not(../l1)";
            type uint32;

This only works before leafs are configured for the first time.
I do not know if there is any way to reset them (as last leaf can be treated as first one).