Multiple default value for a cli/node

Can we define multiple default values in YANG for single node ?

For eg: Say CLI takes different encryption type. By deafult CLI boots up with 4/5 encryption type. We can add /delete encryption type but we cant delete all encryption type. How can we achieve this?

encryption a b c d << box boots up with this

Yang does not support multiple ‘default’ statements for a leaf and you will get a error: keyword 'default' already given if you try with the confdc compiler, which was probably the first thing you did.

The typical encryption and secret processing is somewhat complicated and usually has pretty special requirements so I’m not sure that more complex solutions with ‘when’ statements activating other leaf instances or subscribers that set values based on the encryption setting would end up being a good solution. I also have to admit that I’m guessing a bit based on the information provided so if you want to provide the bit of the Yang you are working with and any other info, that might help.