Multiple Descriptions showing up when querying parameters

I have the following Yang model definition for the antenna info display (there is a container where it has a list and another container in it.)

When querying for the parameter info (show antenna?), it shows two descriptions as below.
Can you please help me to avoid two Descriptions showing up here?

CellularGateway# show antenna ?
Description: Cellular Antenna Index        <= ONLY this is expected
Description: Show Radio antenna info    <= Why is this showing up?
Possible completions:

CellularGateway# show antenna mmWave ?
Description: Show mmWave antenna info        <= Why is this showing up?
Description: mmWave Antenna Index                <= ONLY this is expected   
Possible completions:

[ Yang Definition ]

container antenna {
    tailf:info "Show Radio antenna info";
    tailf:callpoint cellular_radio_antenna;

    list info {
      tailf:info "Cellular Antenna Index";

      key ant_idx;
      leaf ant_idx {
        description "Antenna Index";
        type uint8;

   } /* end of list info */

    container mmWave {
      tailf:info "Show mmWave antenna info";
      tailf:callpoint cellular_mmWave_available;

      leaf mmWave_available {
        description "mmWave antenna available";
        type uint8;
        tailf:cli-show-template "mmWave antenna available = $(.)\n";
      list mmWave {
        when "../mmWave_available = 1";
        tailf:info "mmWave Antenna Index";
        tailf:callpoint cellular_mmWave_antenna;

        key mmWave_ant_idx;
        leaf mmWave_ant_idx {
          description "mmWave Antenna Index";
          type uint8;
      } /* end of list mmWave */
    } /* end of mmWave container */
  } /* end of antenna container */

You have tailf:info on a container and then tailf:info on its sub-list which is also annotated with tailf:cli-drop-node-name - this is what causes that you see descriptions from both. When you have a tailf:cli-drop-node-name on a node, that node effectively merges with its parent (from CLI point of view), so CLI-relevant annotations for that node behave as if they were on the parent.

If you do not want to see the "Description: " part, you can turn it off by /confdConfig/cli/showDescription=false - but that applies to all cases, not only the ones that you would like to remove.

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