My device runs windows - is there a confd service for windows (like the daemon for linux)?

My “device” is actually a windows app that we want to deploy/sell in a virtualized form.

There are too many Win API dependencies to port the app to Linux, so I’m hoping there’s a way to configure it using NETCONF or RESTCONF.

If not confd, are there any middleware providers that offer equivalent functionality?

Can you use a Docker Linux Container?
Here is some info:

If yes, you can run ConfD in a Linux container.

thanks - I’ll look into running a docker container, but from your answer I take it there’s no windows native equivalent to confd for windows. we’re thinking of having the app expose a northbound NETCONF or RESTCONF interface. If anyone knows of any libraries that’ll help implement this on windows, please let me know.

From question it is not clear to me if you want to run ConfD on Windows on only ConfD application (client to ConfD). ConfD (as server) uses socket communication.

Clients communicates with ConfD via sockets. For C there is a client library libconfd which enables ConfD API to clients. As you mention, running application on Windows would mean porting libconfd (sources are part of ConfD distribution), but this is not easy task.

As @nabil mentioned, you may try some sort of virtualization. In latest Windows 10 there is also option to use Linux (Ubuntu) command development environment. You may investigate, if this would work.

In ConfD premium there is JAVA API, which should be multiplatform (I’m not 100% sure as I have not tested it, but maybe someone else can confirm).