Need help with tailf:hidden <hidegroup>


I need to hide the cli part, but still keep functionality via api. I was trying tailf:hidden. I also created a hideGroup in confd.conf. I am not sure of how to continue and test this out

You can verify that you can access the hidden part of your model using netconf-console or other NETCONF clients.

Verify that you can unhide the hidden part using the unhide <hide-group> CLI-command.

Verify that the hidden part is accessible using APIs (maapi, cdb, …)

I need to unhide just when I am using the APi, how can I do that from api, I dont want to unhide from CLI part

What do you mean when you say API? Other northbound interfaces? APIs like maapi or cdb?

Unless you have used the special hide-group full only CLI and WebUI is hidden. Other northbound interfaces, NETCONF, REST and SNMP are still accessible.

Hide-groups’s never hide APIs like maapi or cdb.

If you have trouble making it work, remove the hide-group, make sure you can access everything you want from the APIs, add the hide-group again, it should still work.

For more information see section 10.7 Hidden Data in the User Guide.

Hi, I did try again, but when I issue a curl command I get Message 204: No content for a GET operation. So it is hiding the data in REST when using tailf:hidden

Can you please guide me on how I can unhide from REST.

See the paragraph about hidden nodes in section 21.3.1 Get and Query examples.

Hidden Nodes
Hidden nodes are described in Section 10.7, “Hidden Data”. By default, hidden nodes are not visible in the REST interface. In order to unhide hidden nodes for retrieval or editing, clients can use the query parameter “unhide”. The format of the “unhide” parameter is a comma-separated list of

As an example:

This example unhides the normal group “extra” and the password-protected group “debug” with the password “secret”.