Need to add a column to the data

Currently i have below cmd, have given the schema to it -

Command —>
show system con_1 con_2 con_3

Output is →

 B        C       D                         
 b        c          d
 e        f           g
 h        i            j

Schema is —>

grouping grp_3 {
        leaf B {
            type string;
        leaf C {
            type string;
        leaf D {
            type string;
grouping grp_2 {
        container con_3 {
            config false;
            list con_3 {
                key B;
                ordered-by user;
                uses grp_3;
grouping grp_1 {
        container con_1 {
            container con_2 {
                config false;
                uses grp_2;
    augment "system" {
        uses grp_1;


Question is → I need to add another column at the the first named “A” and is having a static value i.e fixed value. how do i modify the existing code for getting desired results?

A       B        C         D                         
a       b        c         d
         e        f          g
         h        i           j

Hello @Harshitha,

Is it config false data? Can you use show templates?

See ConfD user guide 20.29.2. Show templates, example examples.confd/cli/show_templates and
tailf:cli-show-template annotation (and type cli-template-string). The annotation and type is described in the tailf_yang_cli_extensions section.