Need to display incomplete command

Actual behaviour of clock command :

ise249/admin(config)# clock ?
timezone Configure system timezone
ise249/admin(config)# clock timezone ?
<WORD> Timezone (see 'show timezones' command) (Max Size - 64)
ise249/admin(config)# clock timezone Asia/Kolkata ?
<cr> Carriage return

Mean while admin entered the enter by mistake after clock timezone then it’s showing the error message

ise249/admin(config)# clock timezone
% Internal error during command execution

We designed by using YANG model above approch :

confdise245(config)# clock ?
Possible completions:
timezone Configure system timezone
confdise245(config)# clock timezone
(\<string>) (Asia/Kolkata):

Above approach it’s showing the (<string>) (Asia/Kolkata): , Here it’s should show some incomplete or some error.

Could please help me to show the error or some incomplete message .

here am attached my yang model design

container clock {
        description "Configure system timezone";
        leaf timezone {
              type string ;
              description "name of time zone";

The message “Internal error during command execution” indicates that there is a bit more than just the YANG data model, do you have also a CLI command overriding the model? If that’s the case, you should look at that.

Hi @mvf,

Thanks for your response.

This is not the issue.

We have a yang design attached above. In our case when we give clock timezone and enter it should raise error % Invalid input detected at '^' marker. but in out case it asking the input from user.

Please share your suggestion on this issue.


I see. I’m not aware of any way to prevent this kind of “ConfD cleverness”, autowizard does not seem to apply to that. You can achieve something with tailf:cli-incomplete-command and similar annotations, but not exactly this, I’m afraid.