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Netconf Capabilities

I have tried getting the capabilities using

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8”?>
<hello xmlns=”urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:netconf:base:1.0”>

but I don’t see any transaction capability as shown


Should anything be modified in the conf File ??

Refer to the following note in the CHANGES file for ConfD 7.1:

  • netconf: The confd.conf settings ‘startup’, ‘candidate’ and ‘writable-running’ have been obsoleted. If they are present in confd.conf they will be ignored. The corresponding capabilities are advertised based on the setting under /confdConfig/datastores. The confd.conf settings ‘transactions’, ‘forward’, ‘query’, ‘inactive’ have been deprecated. They were all identified with special NETCONF capability strings. They are now defined in YANG files and advertised as such if the corresponding YANG fxs file is found in the load path (‘inactive’ also needs /confdConfig/enableInactive to be enabled). If they are enabled in confd.conf, the old special capability string is also advertised. The confd.conf setting ‘partial-lock’ has been deprecated. The corresponding capability string is advertised if its YANG fxs file is found in the load path. The confd.conf settings ‘extensions’ and ‘with-transaction-id’ have been obsoleted. They are advertised if the corresponding YANG fxs file is found in the load path. If they are found in confd.conf they are ignored. All the YANG fxs files that correspond to these capabilities are present by default in ${CONFD_DIR}/etc/confd in the release. When ConfD is deployed, files corresponding to capabilities that shouldn’t be supported can be removed.

If tailf-netconf-transactions.fxs is in your project’s loadpath, you can confirm whether it has been loaded by going through confd.log or using “confd --status”. The netconf transactions capability doesn’t seem to be advertised even when the transactions capability setting is enabled in confd.conf.

Thank You for the Info. It’s helpful.

I have found out that the change of behavior was introduced with YANG 1.1 {RFC7950]:

A server advertises support for YANG 1.1 modules by using ietf-yang-library [RFC7895] instead of listing them as capabilities in the message.