When I perform an edit-config with deafult-operation=“merge”, the operation type in the netconf-config-change notifications has “replace” instead of “merge”. I expected “merge” edit-operation-type in the notification since the default-operation is specified as “merge” in the edit-config operation. Can you explain how Confd determines which edit-operation-type to specify in the notification.

Also I would like to know how do I get a notification with operation=“merge”(I need to test something with this operation type). How do I force this so that Confd sends a notification with operation=merge all the time.

 < edit-config>
    < target>
      < candidate/>
    < /target>

**##  < default-operation>merge</ default-operation>**

< config>
      < org-openroadm-device xmlns="http://org/openroadm/device">
        < info operation="merge">
          < node-number>1</node-number>
        < /info>
      < /org-openroadm-device>
    < /config>
  < /edit-config>

< notification xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:netconf:notification:1.0">
  < eventTime>2017-05-18T15:02:36.687253-04:00</eventTime>
  < netconf-config-change xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-netconf-notifications">
    < changed-by>
      < username>admin< /username>
      < session-id>95< /session-id>
      < source-host>< /source-host>
    < /changed-by>
    < datastore>running< /datastore>
    < edit>
      < target xmlns:org-openroadm-device="http://org/openroadm/device">/org-openroadm-device:org-openroadm-device/org-openroadm-device:info/org-openroadm-device:node-number</target>

**##  < operation>replace< /operation>**

< /edit>
  < /netconf-config-change>
< /notification>

ConfD report the actual operation performed on the target datastore. Can’t think of a scenario where that would be a “merge”.

Hi, do you have any documentation I could refer to regarding the edit-operation-type update in the change-notification by ConfD?