Netconf delete operation


I have configured ISIS, LDP on my router.
now, I want all the configuration on my router to be deleted using “delete-config” operation.

Can you please suggest how i do it??
As per RFC 6247, I cannot use “delete-config” on running datastore

Did you try to use <edit-config> with attribute operation=delete?

See (delete examples)

“Edit-config” with delete operation will delete a particular parameter.
My intention is to delete the complete config. Is it still possible via edit-config?

“Edit-config” with delete operation will delete a particular parameter.

<edit-config> will delete the configuration under the element that contain the delete or remove operation.
Note that in the example on page 41 in RFC6241 a list entry with a specific key is deleted, so all data in the list entry is deleted too.

For deleting the all of the configuration, see for an example.

From the ConfD UG Chapter 15 “The NETCONF Server”:

For the <delete-config> operation specified in RFC 4741 / RFC 6241, only <url> with scheme "file" is supported for the <target> parameter - i.e. no data stores can be deleted. The concept of deleting a data store is not well defined, and at odds with the transaction-based configuration management of ConfD. To delete the entire contents of a data store, with full transactional support, a <copy-config> with an empty <config/> element for the <source> parameter can be used.