Netconf SSH session from remote machine takes 50% CPU usage of confd


When I invoke ssh connection from remote machine to the network element running confd, the reponse time for displaying simple capability hello message takes too long. After using top command to check the cpu ussage, confd occupies 50 percent of the CPU. I am currently running confd version 6.2 .

  1. ssh admin@network_element_ip_address -p 2022 -s netconf.

If I run on localhost the reponse time is super fast compared to remote machine.

  1. ssh admin@localhost -p 2022 -s netconf.

Any help would be hiighly appreciated.



We don’t have much information to work with here.

Does this happen in an (unmodified) ConfD example or is it your own setup with a confd.conf file you wrote, custom AAA-configuration etc? If the answer is no to the first question and yes to the second I would compare the plain example config with the on I wrote and see what setting causes the slow response.

Does restarting ConfD affect the behavior?

Have you checked your network, e.g. just compare local and remote with a simple ping ICMP ECHO_REQUEST?