New-URN for enterprise yang module

I am developing enterprise yang module. I have a registered domain name.Do i need to registered top-level URN to the iana for yang data module’s namespace like urn:rdns:: ?


Simply i can use URL based namespce ?

You can use a simple URL-based namespace. Just choose the name so they can’t collides with standard or other enterprise names. RFC 6020 says:

Namespaces for modules published in RFC streams [RFC4844] MUST be assigned by IANA, see Section 14.

Namespaces for private modules are assigned by the organization owning the module without a central registry. Namespace URIs MUST be chosen so they cannot collide with standard or other enterprise namespaces, for example by using the enterprise or organization name in the namespace.

First, thanks for the reply.

Means If i am using my own organizational yang module(private yang module), And my namespace is like ’ urn:rdns:com:foo:yang: ’ Do i need to registered this namespce to IANA. ?

Thanks in advance.

No, you don’t. Just choose a unique namespace.