No tailf:action shows up in RESTCONF GET /operations

With some tailf:actions sprinkled around the yang model, these go to the operations tree under restconf.

However a GET on /operations doesn’t show any of the available operations generated by these, they seem hidden by default? In the RESTCONF api I pretty much have to guess how to format the request. They work, but the paths have to be guessed based on knowledge of the yang model.


    grouping doan-import {
        tailf:action import {
            tailf:info "Import stuff";
            tailf:exec "/bin/" {
                tailf:args "$(path)";

How to get the available operations exposed by default?

    "restconf": {
        "operations": {}

As the RFC 8040 says - only RPC operations, no YANG 1.1 actions or the deprecated tailf:action, are to be listed under the {+restconf}/operations resource

$ pwd
$ curl -u admin:admin http://localhost:8008/restconf/operations
<operations xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-restconf">
  <jbox:play xmlns:jbox="">/restconf/operations/example-jukebox:play</jbox:play>

Get the YANG model:

$ curl -su admin:admin http://localhost:8008/restconf/tailf/modules/example-jukebox/2016-08-15 |grep -A17 "rpc play"
  rpc play {
      "Control function for the jukebox player.";
    input {
      leaf playlist {
        type string;
        mandatory true;
          "The playlist name.";
      leaf song-number {
        type uint32;
        mandatory true;
          "Song number in playlist to play.";

Thanks, trying to think of a way for the cli and rpc to share the same code to avoid duplication.