Not able to filter using contains for more than one key

Hi Team,

I can able to filter the table by using [contains(resource,“Filter1”)] I am unable to filter more than one resource filter item. Can you please provide the syntax for filtering more than one filter item? Thanks in advance.


I have tried with
[contains(resource,“Filter1”) and contains(resource,“Filter2”)]
But it is not working. Kindly provide your suggestion.


What type of filter are you trying to use, and over which northbound interface? Is it NETCONF, REST, CLI? Perhaps you can give a clearer example of what you are trying as well.

to do filter based on more than one key, you can try with the Xpath_expr as like,


as like, you are trying to filter based on resource_1_value and resource_2_value belongs to column resource_name_1 and resource_name_2 respectively .

you can add more filters with appending “[resource_name=resource_value]” as many as you want.