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Not able to start confd in multiple phases and using different port

I am trying to start the confd on phases as below:
/usr/bin/confd --smp 2 -c /etc/confd1.conf --start-phase0 --ignore-initial-validation
/usr/bin/confd --smp 2 -c /etc/confd1.conf --start-phase1 --ignore-initial-validation
#confd_load -O -m -l /etc/confd/factory_settings_module-cap.xml
confd --smp 2 -c /etc/confd1.conf --start-phase2

It works fine if its starts with default port of 4565. But when i modify confd.conf with addition of port in cofdIpcAddress,then its giving connection refused error.
The requirement is to start confd in phases and not using default port.
I am not able to figure out whats the issue…


You need to set the CONFD_IPC_PORT environment variable. The confd.conf initial config is only read at start phase 0. See the confd(1) man page for details.