Notification for nested subscription

I have defined a data like -

	|	|G1
	|B    |G2
	|	|H1
A	|C	|H2

And i have done subscription at A/B and A. What i see if I change G1, I get two notifications. shouldnt i get only 1 notification. ConfD shouldn’t suppress one notification ?


As you can see in the /examples.confd/cdb_subscription/trigger/cdb_client_B.c example, two notifications can be desirable in many use-cases.

Side note: You can use the pyang tool to print a tree structure of a YANG model.

$ pwd
$ pyang -f tree example.yang
module: example
   +--rw sys
      +--rw ifc* [name]
         +--rw name           interfaceName
         +--rw description?   string
         +--rw enabled?       boolean
         +--rw hw
         |  +--rw speed?    interfaceSpeed
         |  +--rw duplex?   interfaceDuplex
         |  +--rw mtu?      mtuSize
         |  +--rw mac?      string
         +--rw ip* [address]
            +--rw address          inet:ipv4-address
            +--rw prefix-length    prefixLengthIPv4
            +--rw broadcast?       inet:ipv4-address