Notification with Garbage characters

Hello team,
I am using confd7.2.1. I observe the issue that the notification with the garbage characters sometimes. But I did not find how to reproduce this issue. Please see attachment. Is this a known issue?

It seems to me that the characters aren’t garbage, but the “words” are, due to characters being dropped. Just look at the initial declaration, which is (something like)

<?ml eso=1ecdng"UTF8">

while it should be

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Since character dropping is a definite “can’t happen” both inside ConfD and on a TCP connection (with or without SSH), it pretty much has to be something else in the chain from ConfD’s NETCONF server to your screenshot. If some part of that chain is a misconfigured serial/tty connection, that could explain it - since the output is likely to be produced faster than typical serial line speeds, such a connection needs properly working flow control. (Mismatched parity settings could also cause dropped characters, but it should be all with even codes or all with odd codes, and neither is the case.)


Thank you, I will try to ask the developer of netconf server side to check this issue.

Not sure what you mean by that - the NETCONF server is an internal component in the ConfD daemon, not something you develop - and my suggestion was rather that it was most likely to be a problem closer to the client.

Sorry, it was typo, I supposed to say I would check the problem of client.