Notifications on CLI Terminal

Hi, I am trying to implement Notifications in Confd.

Our requirement is that when a alarm or event is triggered from application, we must be able to display it in the open CLI terminal.

We need to implement them using JAVA API’s.

I tried to enable Notification from Confd.conf and tried using the below example sample. I don’t get any error any where but there is no messages printed on the CLI terminal.

Socket ctrlSocket = new Socket(“”, 4565);
Dp dp = new Dp(“hosts_daemon”, ctrlSocket);
DpNotifStream stream = dp.createNotifStream(“NETCONF”);
mynotif myn = new mynotif();
ConfXMLParam[] vals =
new ConfXMLParam[]{
new ConfXMLParamStart(myn.hash(), mynotif.myn_my_notif),
new ConfXMLParamValue(myn.hash(), mynotif.myn_arg1,
new ConfBuf(“Hello”)),
new ConfXMLParamStop(myn.hash(), mynotif.myn_my_notif)
stream.send(ConfDatetime.getConfDatetime(), vals);

Can you help me how to display a notification/alarms/events on the fly on the CLI terminal from backend application.

The API you are using is for sending notifications to e.g. NETCONF cliens. You may want to look at methods Maapi.userMessage, Maapi.sysMessage, Maapi.prioMessage - some of those might do what you need.

Thanks, Maapi.pioMessage is exactly what i was searching for.