NSO service commit - no flavor found in the system

Hello, I have a question related to the NSO service. When I am configuring the ENCS directly, commit could be done successfully. But when I use NSO and service to configure the flavor I experience interesting error. Could you please give a suggestion where I did a mistake?

commit | debug service output:

shared_create /devices/device[name='ucpe1']/config/vmlc:vm_lifecycle/flavors/flavor[name='vm1'], refcount: 1
shared_set /devices/device[name='ucpe1']/config/vmlc:vm_lifecycle/flavors/flavor[name='vm1']/ephemeral_disk_mb: 0, refcount: 1
shared_set /devices/device[name='ucpe1']/config/vmlc:vm_lifecycle/flavors/flavor[name='vm1']/vcpus: 2, refcount: 1
shared_set /devices/device[name='ucpe1']/config/vmlc:vm_lifecycle/flavors/flavor[name='vm1']/swap_disk_mb: 0, refcount: 1
shared_set /devices/device[name='ucpe1']/config/vmlc:vm_lifecycle/flavors/flavor[name='vm1']/root_disk_mb: 20304, refcount: 1
shared_set /devices/device[name='ucpe1']/config/vmlc:vm_lifecycle/flavors/flavor[name='vm1']/memory_mb: 2048, refcount: 1
Service done


Aborted: RPC error towards ucpe1: operation_failed: No flavor found on the system with name [vm1]

service XML template:


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