Number of connections efficiently managed by confd server

I would like to open socket at application initialisation and use it to connect later in threads.
I would like to know Is confd server efficient enough to handle such dynamic connections any time.
Does it have any kind of latency?
Is this approach recommended ?
If I want to support around 2500 such applications which will open several connections (Operational and Configuration) and will do subscription and set get… I hope there is no limitation from confd server side…

You may want to take a look at the confd.conf(5) man page /confdConfig/confdIpcListenBacklog, and I assume you are an expert on tuning Linux.

Thanks cohult…

I tested by changing few values as suggested… Will do more testing and get back…
But I consider that confd server will not have any limitations or impact on transaction speed because of large number of connections [more then 2500 open connections]