Operational data call backs

Hi Team,

As I understood we can fetch operational data either through CDB API which is write into CDB or Data provider API (confd_connect ect) which is not write into CDB .Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

suppose if i want to get the operation data through DP API (confd_connect,confd_register_data_cb,…) need to write a callbacks (get_elem,get_next_object,…etc) .

Here i have two applications trying to fetch operational data with different key .so result of the get operation should show only matched key object. How to restrict get_elem/get_next callbacks based on application key ? my understanding the callback registration is common for all applications.
is there any specific API to handle this?


See confd_lib_dp man page:

int confd_register_range_data_cb(struct confd_daemon_ctx *dx, con- st struct confd_data_cbs *data, const confd_value_t *lower, const confd_value_t *upper, int numkeys, const char *fmt, …);
This is a variant of confd_register_data_cb() which registers a set of callbacks for a range of list entries.