Operational data during upgrade

Hi ,

I have a module which has only operational containers and leaf. The data for the module is actually static in nature , so i have used the tailf:cdb-oper extension on the container and then i use the confd_load command to load the static data. Please note: the static data is in XML format and the tags is aligned with the schema mentioned in the YANG module.
I wanted to know if the operational data which gets loaded by the confd_load will survive upgrades and db-backup/restore operation
I observe that the operational data doesnt survive the db back up and restore, even though i have made use of the cdb-oper extension.


From the confd(1) man page:

--cdb-backup File 
Save a snapshot of the CDB database into a GZipp:ed tar archive
file (given by the File argument). If the File argument is a relative
path, the file will be saved relative the ConfD daemon's current
working directory. Only configuration data stored in CDB is saved
(persistent CDB operational data is not). Note: if the database is
locked for writing, the command will fail

To back up the persisted operational data, take a copy of the O.cdb file.