Output of --cdb-debug-dump

I noticed this lines in my output:

/‘if’:interfaces/interface{{<<“TenGigE1/1”>>}}/avif:1052737030 = full,
/‘if’:interfaces/interface{{<<“TenGigE1/1”>>}}/avif:speed = 1G,
/‘if’:interfaces/interface{{<<“TenGigE1/1”>>}}/avif:2102272149 = false,

Is there an obvious reason why speed is represented with “speed” and not its internal representation? Could this lead to errors?

#define avif_speed 1423237997

Thank you!

p.s. I came across this while researching a validation error involving these leaves.

I’d say the question rather is why the others are not dumped in their human-readable form. But I see the same behavior in my environment too, so maybe it means something, but it is probably irrelevant for us, mere users.

Usually, the augmented leaves are represented by their internal representation. I guess “speed” is a special word.