Possibility of maapi_load_config() of cli style cfg file after start-phase0

Hi all,

I am doing some CDB upgrade in phased initialization of confd

$CONFD_DIR/bin/confd --start-phase0
// do_operation
$CONFD_DIR/bin/confd --start-phase1
$CONFD_DIR/bin/confd --start-phase2

I see ‘internal error’ when I try to load a cisco C style config file in between phase0 and phase1.

$CONFD_DIR/bin/confd_load -i -l -m -d -Fc /.running-config-format.txt.bak
attaching to init session...
DEBUG internal error - internal
confd_load: 670: maapi_load_config(sock, tid, flags, abspath(argv[0])) failed: internal error (18): internal

(While in my brief experiment xml file loading works. But my config file format translation to xml is non-trivial. )

Is there any reason that c style configurations cannot be loaded in stage 0?

The CLI is not running in start-phase 0, and parsing CLI config requires that it is available.