Post confd 8.0.9 upgrade, tailf:transaction-hook callpoints are invoked for more leafs

Hi Team,
We’ve recently upgraded from confd 7.4.5 version to confd 8.0.9 version, while testing bulk configuration we saw significant decrease in performance.
Analyzed devel logs from both the versions and we noticed there is significant delay in various phases of commit for the same set of config changes(attaching logs from both versions)
We also noticed additional calls for tailf:transaction-hook call points for some leafs with default values(not for all).

(please note there is no schema change between both the versions) except we changed the tailf:dependency statement as suggested in Validation points are not triggered during delete operation on confd 8.0.6 version.

Could you please help us analyse why additional call points are being invoked. and if there is any confd configuration to prevent the same.
I’ve checked confd documents for the same found /confdConfig/defaultHandlingMode config, this has been set to explicit in our environment (in both 7.4.5 and 8.0.9 versions).


@cohult , @mvf ,
Pardon me for tagging you here directly.
Could you please let us know if there are any configs/flags/hacks we can try to improve the performance in confd 8.0.9/8.0.13 versions.

(PS: We tried another confd upgrade to 8.0.13 version and realised performance has degraded further compared to 8.0.9.
There is absolutely no schema change done between 8.0.9 and 8.0.13).


Him this is something for ConfD support, and I assume you are getting help there.