Print message on confd cli from python script in tailf:exec

Using tailf:exec we are calling a python script…

if 0:
    print "Command successful"
    print "Command failed"

So, we want to print these messages on the ConfD cli.
But whenever print statement is encountered… the script returns an error code to ConfD … and in turn ConfD is printing Error: Application Protocol error.

So how to get rid of this and print the necessary messages in ConfD cli.

What do you have in your YANG model for this action? Do you have a leaf of type string in your output? Take a look at examples.conf/intro/7-c_actions at how the YANG model is set up and the Perl script returns data.

If you are still having a problem, if you could supply at least the whole action definition in your YANG model, then perhaps we can figure out what is wrong.