Proxy Forwarding Capability


I wanted to implement proxy forwarding in confd. I have 2 netconf servers (namely “netconf-proxy-server” and “netconf-server”). I edited confd.conf to enable proxy forwarding (according to docs) with corresponding target (“netconf-server” in our case). I observed that the decision to initiate forwarding can only be done from client with forward rpc call. My questions are:

  1. Can we initiate proxy forwarding inside “netconf-proxy-server” without any rpc call but just when it boots up it automatically forwards?

  2. In our use case we will also have some configurational data inside netconf-proxy-server and we would like to access and manipulate this data too. So is there a way to access data inside “netconf-proxy-server” and also “netconf-server” at the same time?

  3. If second question is not possible, Is there a way to stop proxy forwarding without disconnecting/closing the session to access data inside “netconf-proxy-server”?

  4. Overall can we synchronize same data with same names in both servers with this feature?

Thanks in advance

Some of your requirements can be implemented, but I don’t see how to make all of them work with proxy forwarding (or with proxy forwarding alone). Maybe some other ConfD features can be used for your needs, HA looks like it might be a good fit; or perhaps a “custom HA” - a lot of what you write fits to what was discussed in this thread.

This simple demo seems to meet the requirements that you describe:

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Updated the confd-sync-py demo to support Debian 11 and ConfD 7.8

Thank you, it looks like we can customize the demo for our purposes (syncing just some leafs and so on) mentioned above, will look at this.